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At Lee's Spare Parts we list a large variety of brake pads, rotors, drums and handbrake shoes. With brake items from all different manufacturers such as Delios, RDA, EBC, Bendix and Ultima. We strive to give our customers the best quality and work with our suppliers constantly to give you the quality brake items you need. From everyday useage to track/race car useage, Lee's Spare Parts will go the extra mile to help you get on your way ASAP!

Clicking "HERE" will take you to our Brakes Enquiries page. Use this page if you'd like general brake enquiries/quotes or even to purchase your product and the LSP Team will be in contact with you soon!
Lee's Spare Parts stocks a wide range of suspension and steering products! Including COILOVERS! With BC Racing, Ultima and Wasp to name a few brands we stock and even more pictured to the left of this paragraph, you can see we're passionate about helping you with you suspension and steering needs!

Clicking "HERE" will take you to our Suspension & Steering Enquiries page, where you can chat with the LSP Team after filling out the form about your needs. From quotes to purchases, you can do it right from the Enquiries page.
The Cooling Components we stock at Lee's Spare Parts are second to none. While only using quality branded products at the most affordable prices possible, the LSP Team will always exceed your expectations by going the extra mile to provide you with the correct parts needed in your cooling system to get you back on track!

Clicking "HERE" will take you to our Service Enquiries Page where you can get in touch directly with a member from the LSP Team to help you get what you're after. From quotes to purchases, you're able to fulfill all of that from here.
Our Ignition and Electrical's are extremely competitive. While working alongside Wheels & Waves Audio (Lee's Spare Parts recommended Auto Electrician) we've been able to provide our customers with the high quality standard that's upheld at our store. Louie (Wheels & Waves Audio, Owner) has worked with the LSP Team over the years doing installations (at very competitive pricings) to general information to our customers to help keep their cars maintained correctly and the best ways to avoid electrical issues down the track.

Clicking "HERE" will take you over to our Service Enquiries page where you can select through the list what you need.
Over the years the LSP Team has worked with countless mechanics, always asking for feedback on products and looking for ways to improve our stock listings to meet all needs throughout the automotive industry. We don't just stock parts for your everyday car either. The Old School Classics that the Australian Community love, that's right we can help you! Japanese Domestic? Not a worry. US, European, you name it, if we can't help we know someone who can! So come down today to Lee's Spare Parts, where everyones an enthusiast!

Clicking "HERE" will take you to our Engine Enquiries Page where you can get in contact with the LSP Team today!
We range a wide variety of Sakura, Ryco, Coopers, etc Filters. With a large stock listing of oil and air filters (most of your common cars) we will go to the extra lengths to get you back on your way. We can even size up most of your air and cabin filters provided you've got sizes or a sample. We even go as far as attempting to find genuine part numbers on all parts, not just filters!

Clicking "HERE" will take you to our Service Enquiries Form where you can fill out all your filter needs from the check lists!
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